What is the Basic Account?

Basic accounts help you get started at Fotoblur but limit the total number of photos you can upload. When you want the maximum experience, upgrade to our Premium account.
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What do I get with a Premium Account?

When you upgrade to a Premium account you'll get the following features:
Unlimited gallery storage
More photo uploads per day
All back issues of Fotoblur Magazine Digital Edition
Detailed Gallery Analytics
Premium portfolio features
Ad free content
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How are featured photos selected?

Featured photos are selected by our gallery coordinators and fotoblur staff. A featured photo can be any photo of exceptional quality and aesthetics, is creative, thought provoking, makes a statement, and/or any number of other attributes.
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How does the voting system work?

Each photo you add to your gallery can be promoted by other members of the community. Photos which receive a large number of promotions have an increased likelyhood of being highlighted in Fotoblur's Community Favorites.
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What is the criteria for promoting a photo?

Promoting a photo is a completely subjective process, one which is based on individual judgement. In any case, please keep in mind a few helpuful tips when making your choices:
1.  Does the photo stimulate or confront you? Does it do anything for you?
2.  Is the photo novel? Does it make you curious or grab your attention?
3.  Does the photo invoke a personal response?
4.  Do you find the photo thought provoking?
5.  What are the overall qualities like? Composition, focus, color, tones, etc.
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How do I promote a gallery photo?

First, make sure you are logged in. On each image page find a voting control to the left of the photo title. Click the up arrow to promote the photo. To undo the promotion click the up arrow again.
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How do I follow another member's work?

First, make sure you are logged in, then navigate to the member's profile page you wish to follow. Click the Follow button. Your home page's activity stream will display the newest photos from members you follow.
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How do I send a private message to another member?

First, make sure you are logged in, then navigate to the member's profile page you wish to message. Click the Send Message link to bring up the private message dialog. When you are finished, click the Send button and your message will be delivered.
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What are Fotoblur Groups?

Fotoblur Groups provide a place for members who share a common interest in a particular area of photography. Each group is run by a team of moderators who manage the group's gallery as well as feature photos of high calibre. Each group has a dedicated forum where members can discuss techniques and share ideas.
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How do I join a group?

First, make sure you are logged in, then navigate to the group you wish to join. Click the Join Group button. Available groups can be found on the groups page.
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How do I add my photo to a group?

First make sure you are a member of the group you wish to add your photo. To add a new photo to a group, upload your photo as normal, check the group you wish to add your photo, then click Save Photo.

To add a photo which already exists in your gallery to a group, navigate to its image page, then select the Edit button. On the Edit Photo page check the group you wish to add your photo, then click Save Photo.
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Why is there a daily upload limit?

The Fotoblur community is known for its spectacular photo quality. We found early on that when we limited the number of photos our members submitted, they tended to submit only their best work. This limitation is meant to stimulate creativity by making each photographer more selective about what they upload to the gallery.
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How are Senior Members selected?

Senior Members are selected by the Fotoblur Staff after thoroughly reviewing suggestions made by members of the Fotoblur community. Senior Members are recognized for their contributions to the community which include promoting community spirit, providing help and assistance to others, having a positive influence on their peers, sharing resources, and providing constructive criticism to help others improve. Members can also receive this honor through their artistic endeavors and for being recognized as a community leader.
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How do I delete a photo from my gallery?

First, make sure you are logged in, then navigate to the image page of the photo you wish to delete. Click the Delete button. You will be asked to confirm your decision before your photo is permanently deleted from your gallery.
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How do I inactivate my account?

First signing in to your account then navigate to My Account > Settings > Inactive Account.

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