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Hyper-Modernism (art) Group

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Admin:pourya madadi
Moderators:Maria Rosário Marques, Nima Moghimi

This group was created 5 years ago, has 372 members, and 10,716 photos added to its collection.

Hypermodernism refers to a cultural, artistic, literary and architectural movement distinguished from Modernism and Postmodernism chiefly by its extreme and antithetical approach.

Hypermodernity (in some cases synonymous to supermodernity) is a type, mode, or stage of society that reflects a deepening or intensification of modernity. Characteristics include a deep faith in humanity's ability to understand, control, and manipulate every aspect of human experience. This typically is manifested in a forward-looking commitment to science and knowledge, particularly with regard to the convergence of technology and biology. The emphasis on the value of new technology to overcome natural limitations lends itself a diminution or outright repudiation of the past, since yesterday's knowledge is always less than today's.

so Dear ALL : Help me 2 Find & discover This Type.Kind.....of Amazing ART )