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About Fedia Trifonov

Fedia Trifonov joined 5 years ago, has been awarded 24 featured photos, has 475 followers, follows 10 other members, received 24,705 profile views, promoted 17,774 photos, and submitted 161 photos.

F.Trifonov born long ago. And away.
He has been civil engineer. Addicted to music and photography.
He has studied here and there. He graduated this and that.
He has worked in different places. And even quite successful.
He shot a lot of pictures. However publish few of these.
He rarely is satisfied. And often deletes uploaded own works.
With much love he does everything for pleasure and therapy. Including his participation in Fotoblur. His favorite place on the web.
Beginning on August 23, 2010. Premium Member since June 28, 2011.
As part of membership in Fotoblur on January 17, 2014 became the founder of Square Photos Group.

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