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About Bob Burkhardt

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After more than 30 years in graphic design, Bob Burkhardt began working as a photographer in 2000, initially focusing his lens primarily on landscapes, flowers and architecture. Although he had dabbled in portraiture, Burkhardt didn’t seriously pursue that interest until a modeling agency approached him with a commission. After only one session he was hooked.

“My graphic design background draws me to create clean, crisp imagery,” Burkhardt says of his work. “Light, and the way it interacts with a subject, fascinates me. My focus is on details, whether capturing a mood or following that alluring trace of light as it disappears sensuously down a subject’s back.

Regardless of the subject matter, Burkhardt strives to lure the viewer into his work, always transforming the image into an arresting visual. Although he never received professional training in photography, he feels that his experience in design, and in working with other artists through his and his partner’s pb&j gallery, is providing him with a marvelous education in composition and light.

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