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About Christian Goltz

Christian Goltz joined 2 years ago, has 23 followers, follows 1 other member, received 1,436 profile views, and submitted 28 photos.

I try to see and then make simple photographs of what cannot be explained. Normally, it must be beautiful and Namibian. Women, cattle, a bush in the Namib desert and so on.

Christian Goltz, owner of kiss-of-light, is a fine art photographer specialised in nature and beauty photography. He runs a studio and gallery in Windhoek, Namibia. Christian also takes commercial assignments and covers those special weddings. He is an expert fine art printer and frequently runs local and international workshops and photo tours.

Christian is a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography. Personal teachers include Jock Sturges (fine art nude) and Frans Lanting (nature), Brenda Tharp (travel), Jim Zuckerman (photo business) and others. He holds a diploma and doctorate in Natural Sciences (Geophysics, Earth Systems Sciences, Complexity; Universities of Kiel, Germany, Kyoto, Japan, and California, Davis, USA);

Since 2011, Christian heads the Photographic Society of Namibia as president.

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