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About David Coblitz

David Coblitz joined 2 years ago, has 15 followers, follows 27 other members, received 834 profile views, promoted 120 photos, and submitted 30 photos.

As a photographic artist, Mr. Coblitz’ focus is on making images in fresh & innovative ways. One of his goals is to prevent a reaction from viewers such as, “I’ve got a camera; I could do that.” This reaction is rare with his photos. An example of this is his photographic sculpture, which is 3D sculpture with a photograph conformed to the surface. His current emphasis is on etching his photograhps into glass and making his photographs last over 1,000 years. He also enjoys printing direct on di-bond aluminum. This creates an extremely durable image that requires no reflection inducing glass in front of it for protection, hence yielding a much more intimate involvement of the viewer with the image. You can literally feel the texture in the photograph without damaging it. He also has created caricatures made photographically, and photos that change content or appearance as you approach or move around them.

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