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About Joseph Shields

Joseph Shields joined 6 years ago, has been awarded 2 featured photos, was published in Fotoblur Magazine, has 444 followers, follows 2 other members, received 20,409 profile views, promoted 21,074 photos, and submitted 56 photos.

Since beginning his career in the early 1980’s, Joseph Shields has established a reputation as one of the most noteworthy fine art photographers currently working in the American South.

His images have been selected for important exhibits and the Permanent Collections of cultural centers throughout the region including the Telfair Museum of Art in Savannah, Georgia, the Huntsville Museum of Art in Huntsville, Alabama, the Mobile Museum of Art in Mobile, Alabama, the Alexandria Museum of Art in Alexandria, Louisiana and the Lamar Dodd Art Center of LaGrange College in LaGrange, Georgia.

Shields has also gained recognition internationally, with his photographs honored in Madrid, Spain and included in Experimentelle 16, a prestigious fine art invitational held in Markdorf and Marburg, Germany.

Shields is represented by Getty Images of Seattle, Washington and Arcangel Images of Malaga, Spain.


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