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About Lionel Orriols

Lionel Orriols joined 5 years ago, has been awarded 2 featured photos, was published in Fotoblur Magazine, has 44 followers, follows 16 other members, received 1,558 profile views, promoted 164 photos, and submitted 12 photos.

Born in 1972 in Gap (France), I currently live in South France.

I’ve been looking ways to express my sensibility and my vision of the world that’s surround us for a long time. And then I discovered the photography in 1999. I’m a self-taugh person. My focus goes onto nature, ephemeral moments and the footprints of the human being on our nature. Long exposures associated with Black and White allow me to create timeless images, between reality and imagination.

An oneiric vision, sometimes dark, It’s a wide mix of personal feelings that I try to reveal by writing with the light.

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