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About Michael Wright

Michael Wright joined 3 years ago, has 31 followers, follows 25 other members, received 1,056 profile views, promoted 505 photos, and submitted 30 photos.

It would be no lie to say that I have always been fascinated by images. Art always interested me but despite coming top of my class in art at the tender age of 14 I decided not to pursue it as an exam option.

Some years later, in my early twenties, I borrowed an Olympus OM10 film camera from a female friend and immediately fell in love with photography. I turned my bedroom into a darkroom and took an O level in photography at night school. I had some success providing publicity shots for a few local bands. I was thrilled when one of my images of a local band was used by the Liverpool Echo after the band won a battle of the bands competition that would send them to Tokyo in the final. Similarly, I took shots of a band called Fly by Night who played the local Labour clubs in St. Helens. My friend at the time also needed images for the cover of his first ever cassette recording and I provided that using the Dead Fly recording studios in St. Helens as the location. More recently I have been asked by the same friend to take photos to provide the cover for his next book about his life as a transgendered person. His current book is called 'Entropy and Me' and is available from Amazon.

In a different vein altogether, I also took photographs of children with Santa Claus for the families of work colleagues who had organised a Xmas party for their children at work. All of the this was a long time ago and I engaged in photography just for fun. Then, I took a 23 year hiatus from photography. I just stopped taking photographs and the world of photography changed with the arrival of digital photography and image manipulation software. I bought a Nikon DSLR in August 2011, the cost of which enforced a certain level of commitment that required a period of adjusting to the digital world, via an Open university digital imaging course. Since then I have had a few images selected for publication in the Birmingham Post. I have also won competitions at the Coventry Photographic Society and most recently one of my images was voted for by the public in a Nikon UK monthly competition and won.

I think my photos reflect the things I find striking to my eye personally. I'm not a member of the troupe of photographers who participate in photography according to the photographer and I do sometimes explore 'art for art's sake'. Photography is such a subjectively judged medium I think the most important thing is to trust your own vision first and foremost.

Fellow photographers tell me I have a certain style and say things like "I knew that was your image before I looked at the name", which is a compliment in some ways but I'm not yet sure I have settled on one style of photography. I do have a passion for architectural shots and I love the urban city environment as a place to take photographs; though put me in any urban space where there are architectural photo opportunities and I will spend hours finding and exploring the angles.

I'm fascinated by modern architecture. I guess the "original style" that fellow photographers are alluding to in the compliments they give me is one defined in part by my love of perspective, symmetry, leading lines and geometry. These themes are typical of architectural type images but I don't just explore them in architectural subjects and I always look for those aspects and a different angle and point of view; exposing something else that others may not see, something slightly artistic, abstract, creative and different. In those respects I like to push the boundaries as much as I can given my current abilities. My images and my vision are works in constant progress, always evolving and always trying to create something new.

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