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About Roland Shainidze

Roland Shainidze joined 3 years ago, has been awarded 7 featured photos, was published in Fotoblur Magazine, has 270 followers, follows 102 other members, received 6,118 profile views, promoted 750 photos, and submitted 98 photos.

Roland Shainidze is an amateur photographer in Toronto. He is a graduate student in humanities at York University and his photography is focused primarily on architecture, both interiors and exteriors. He has taken photographs in Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City and Ottawa as well as his native Georgia.

Roland uses HDR tools to transform the presentation of the imagery of architectural elements. Self-taught, he takes every opportunity to take pictures and experiment with them; playing with lines, patterns, light and selective colour.

Roland's interest in photography started when he started using his brother's film camera; but there were no opportunities to pursue photography in Georgia. It was not until he came to Canada in 2009 that he was able to renew his interest in photography when he acquired a Canon T2i, his first DSLR camera, which he then upgraded to a Canon 7D and then a full frame DSLR camera (Canon 5D Mark II). Since then he has devoted all his spare time to his passion for photography.

You can check more of his work on:!/artist/roliketto/photos

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