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About Linda Wride

Linda Wride joined 7 years ago, has been awarded 48 featured photos, was published in Fotoblur Magazine, has 967 followers, follows 38 other members, received 31,186 profile views, promoted 9,013 photos, and submitted 1,305 photos.

I have taken photographs since I was a child, and still retain a child-like passion, enthusiasm and delight in exploring what photography has to offer and what I can offer photography. I use the camera as a channel to communicate visually and treat every day as a new photographic adventure.

My portfolio is diverse, however, there are strong themes underpinning my approach - a love of shape, pattern and form which often produces images with a strong graphic quality, and the desire to convey a mood or feeling using processing techniques to create the image I see in my mind’s eye.

Public recognition of my work, including awards, exhibitions and publication, has helped me make the transition from someone who takes photographs to thinking of myself a photographer. Fotoblur has been a major springboard in this process of transition - thank you!

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